Facing Marketing Challenges?
You're Not Alone 🫵

In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, every marketer grapples with a host of challenges.

Supercharged Video Marketing 🔋

Greenady's AI-driven platform, increase your marketing efficiency by up to 50% by by creating an initial brief in seconds, analyzing your advertising campaign data and helping you iterate on what works best thank to machine learning models.

Simplified Content Creation 📹

Greenady's generative AI simplifies the creation of engaging video content. Experience up to a 40% increase in audience engagement with our AI-generated content.

Predicting Success 💪

Greenady leverages predictive analytics to forecast your ad performance. Achieve up to a 70% accuracy rate to confidently launch campaigns set for success.

Efficient Market Research 📊

Greenady automatically extracts trends on social networks to help you conduct comprehensive market research 30% faster.

Discover the Future of Video Marketing with Greenady

Leverage Predictive Analytics & Generative AI to Supercharge Your Video Performance


How Greenady Elevates your video Marketing Game

Inspiring Briefs

Greenady empowers video makers with AI-generated briefs, sparking creative ideas for resonating with your target audience.

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Simple Workflow

Amplified Results 🤗

Greenady Transforms your video marketing campaigns

Optimize your video content

We generate a brief automatically based on your campaign objective, your product and the performance of your videos.

AI brief Generation

Video Elements Extraction

Predictive Analysis

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Our awesome features
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Extract insights from your campaign

It's often hard to understand the reason behind data. Thanks to Greenady, you can now understand why one ads works better than another, and focus on what works.

Rebuild your strategy to maximize ROI

Greenady uses the results of your previous campaign to learn and make recommendations that will help you direct the creation of your next advertising campaigns.

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Our awesome features

Greenady helps Marketing Teams

Generate ideas to advertise your product

Generate briefs to share with video makers

Save time and money on creative testing

Access new video analytics data

Access to the latest trends on social media


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